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What is Factoring:

OTR Capital buys your invoices and pays you the same day or the next morning at a small discounted rate, thus increasing your cash flow and decreasing the risk leaving you more time to make more money.  There are 2 types of Factoring; Non-Recourse and Recourse.

Non-Recourse - you sell your invoices to OTR and OTR then assumes the collections and credit risk.  Rates as low as 2.25% based on monthly volume.

Recourse - You get a lower rate and assume the credit risk.  OTR will advance you a percentage of the invoice and release your money once your customer pays minus a small, nominal factoring fee.


* Free to Start
* Approved within an hour
* Fuel Card and discount options
* Fuel Advances 7 days a week
* No Monthly minimums
* No Long term contract
* 24/7 Online Credit check
* You choose which customers to factor
* Personalized, Dedicated team with an Account Manager

Pricing Structure For 1-3 trucks

Non Recourse - 4%, 96% Deposited into Bank Account.
Recourse - 3%, 92% Deposited into Bank Account.


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Other Benefits With OTR Capital

* Insurance Services through Marquee Insurance Group
* Broker and Dispatch Services​